The Strangest New Year’s Eve Traditions Across the Globe

By Yousra Bachine It’s almost 2023, meaning New Year’s Eve is yet to come. With the whole world celebrating entering the new year, we cannot help but notice the unique and strange traditions around the globe. 1. Romania Bear Skinned! In Romania, people have a special relationship with animals and nature during New Year’s Eve. In […]

The Most Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World

By Yousra Bachine The most magical season of the year is here, and we are all excited about it. Christmas is celebrated worldwide and each region of the world has its own traditions and ways to celebrate the festive season. This festive season can really be a funny one for some around the globe, especially […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Vogue Ball Arabia 2022

By Yousra Bachine This is the time of the year we all have been waiting for! This is the annual edition of the Vogue Ball of Arabia and the least that we can say is that this third edition was mind blowing. Many stars were present as well as royalties and many important figures from […]

Arab Women Dominating Netflix: The Success of Arab Women in the TV industry

By Yousra Bachine Recently, Arab women are dominating our TV screens, as we find them acting as the protagonists in our favourite shows. Whether that be in films or tv series, Arab actresses are being highlighted by Netflix delivering strong and powerful stories. However, Arab women directors and writers are also being recognised in a […]

Staple Winter Pieces You Need This Winter 2022

By Yousra Bachine Winter is almost here and whether we are waiting for it or not, one thing that we are all NEEDING is outfit inspiration for this winter. There is no need to stress further, as we are going to break down the winter fashion trends of 2022. During the last few fashion weeks […]

Winter Nail Trends You NEED to Know!

By Yousra Bachine Winter is coming and the new season means new trends. When it comes to nails, we all know that you will surely find something for you! A manicure is essential for a look, especially for the festivities that are coming. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this […]

Advent Calendars You NEED This Christmas:

By Yousra Bachine The Christmas season is falling upon us, and with this time of the year comes advent calendars. Here are our top favourite advent calendars you need to get your hands on this Christmas. The Sephora Advent Calendar: A complete skincare routine is an understatement considering all the twenty-four great products this calendar […]

Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me Documentary Sparks Controversy

By Yousra Bachine The My Mind and Me documentary about Selena Gomez has gone viral on social media, sparking discussions and raising questions about Gomez and her life. Selena Gomez used this documentary to open a discussion about mental health and to show that life as a celebrity is not all sunshine and rainbows. Through […]

Prada’s New Exclusive Abaya Inspired Collection

By Yousra Bachine Vogue Arabia drops the exclusive secret and spills that Prada has announced a set collection of garments inspired by the abaya – which is a traditional, modest Arabian dress. This new exclusive collection is already making headlines everywhere, and getting so many reactions. This is not the first time that Prada has […]

Quick Healthy Snacks for The Lazy Girls

By Yousra Bachine You’re hungry but you just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so you decide that you want a snack, but you’re trying your best to stay healthy. You turn over to look at the apples but the biscuits are calling your name! Conflicted? We’ve ALL been there. […]