Everything You Need to Know About the Vogue Ball Arabia 2022

By Yousra Bachine

This is the time of the year we all have been waiting for! This is the annual edition of the Vogue Ball of Arabia and the least that we can say is that this third edition was mind blowing. Many stars were present as well as royalties and many important figures from the fashion world. 

This edition goes back in time as it celebrates the Golden Age of Arab Entertainment, the setting and the theme of the night was inspired by the Arab 80’s style. Three successful women, who inspired and are still inspiring many women from the Middle East who are considered role models in the Arab World; received the Vogue Ball of Arabia Award in front of 250 guests.

Lebanese model, Georgina Rizk, Tunisian singer Latifa and Egyptian actor Nabila Ebeed were honoured. According to Vogue they represent “three legendary divas who continue to inspire the new generation of talents were honoured for their remarkable achievements and careers”.

Nabila Ebeed, Manuel Arnaut, Georgina Rizk and Latifa (source: Vogue Middle East)

These three women established a name for themselves at a time where being an Arab woman in the entertainment world was not easy. The world of entertainment in the Arab world was and still is full of obstacles and difficulties especially for women. However, events like the Vogue Ball of Arabia where women are honoured and celebrated helps recognise talented Arab women among the region and their contribution in the industry. 

Tunisian singer Latifa expressed; “No words can express how happy I feel today. I feel like Vogue Arabia has placed Arab women on a global level”.

This event was also an occasion for the talent from the Arab world to shine.

Mona Kattan at The Vogue Ball of Arabia (source: Vogue Middle East)
Rawdah Mohamed at The Vogue Ball of Arabia (source: Vogue Middle East)

We also witnessed many iconic celebrities making their appearance just like Mona Kattan, Rym Saidi, Cyrine Abdlenour and Maya Diab. The Ball of Arabia is also the place to be for all.

At the GGC, we can’t wait for the Ball of Arabia to get bigger and to be more and more global.

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