The Most Unique Christmas Traditions Around the World

By Yousra Bachine

The most magical season of the year is here, and we are all excited about it. Christmas is celebrated worldwide and each region of the world has its own traditions and ways to celebrate the festive season. This festive season can really be a funny one for some around the globe, especially with some unique traditions related to Christmas. 

If you’re a KFC lover, you will surely love to spend Christmas in Japan. Yes, the traditional meal for Christmas dinner in Japan, is the Xmas Family Bucket! With some delicious fried chicken, this bucket is ordered all over the country! In fact it is the number one meal on Christmas day there! 

Kentucky Fried Chicken Xmas in Japan (source: Time Out)

In California, people spend their Christmas at one of the most important competitions of the year, The Surfing Santa competition. To win, you must be good at surfing but surfing dressed like Santa! This competition is also the occasion for disabled children and adults to have fun and take some free surfing courses. 

Surfing Santa Competition In California (source: Visit Space Coast)

Sometimes Christmas is not as joyful as we think. In Norway, evil spirits and witches make an appearance on Christmas eve, and to keep them far and outside of their houses, Norwegians must hide their brooms! This funny tradition is still very much popular especially for the children. 

Norway’s Hiding Brooms (source: Anothermag)

In South Africa, don’t expect to eat the traditional Christmas cakes and pastry. The Sundried Emperor Moth Caterpillar is one of the most eaten meals! The people of South Africa find these fried caterpillars very delicious, and apparently they are nutritious and good for health as well!  

The Sundried Emperor Moth Caterpillar of South Africa (source: Flight Centre)

If you want to spend Christmas in Venezuela be prepared to go to the Christmas mass on roller skates! Yes, people (especially children) attend churches together on roller skates and along the way firecrackers are prepared too.

Rollerskating to Church in Venezuela (source: Just Focus)

The christian population in Egypt is the largest christian population in the Middle East, and the coptic christians celebrate Christmas by fasting 43 days before having their most favourite meal of the year, on Christmas day.

The annual Christmas tree distribution in the Old City of Jerusalem (source: Inside Arabia)

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