Winter Nail Trends You NEED to Know!

By Yousra Bachine

Winter is coming and the new season means new trends. When it comes to nails, we all know that you will surely find something for you! A manicure is essential for a look, especially for the festivities that are coming.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this winters nail trends! Keep in mind that you are free to express yourself through your nails, and you can also totally add your own touch to it and go with what you really want! We’re just here to give you a little inspiration.

The Chrome Nails: 

One of the most followed trends right now are chrome nails. It can be done in every colour and it gives the impression that the nails are metallic. It can be kept simple or you can opt for a metallic nail art manicure! – Metallic Nails

The Emerald Nails:

The emerald nails are an elegant trend of this season and they are perfect for this winter. This trend is also called the jewel nails and this jewel effect is surely perfect for the festivities. You can also take advantage of the emerald tone to make your look elegant and shining and fit in with the festivities! – Emerald Green Nails

The Christmas Nails:

Christmas is around the corner and so why not get in the spirit and your nails in the spirit too! This trend has a lot of potential and many symbols of this time of the year can be represented on your nails. – Fab Mood

The Colourful French Nails:

French manicures are everywhere. Well actually, not the traditional one but the colourful one! You can apply any colour that you want for this new season and it will surely look amazing! Why not try red as it is the colour of the season! You could even add a little Christmas inspired design on them to really get in the Christmas spirit. – Winter Nails Designs

The Glitter Nails:

To fit perfectly with the festive season you can go for sparkling nails. Sparkling nails will make your hands and nails shine. Don’t forget you can have as much glitter as you want and you can even add colour to your sparkling nails. Don’t they just look like snow!! – Glitter Nails

The Tan Nails:

The last one we recommend you is this classic, the tan or neutral nails that can go with everything! This trend never goes wrong and it can match with all of your looks for the winter season, so if you can’t make a choice go for the tan nails. – Fall & Winter Nails Designs

Remember that you can adapt this trend to yourself and for whatever you feel like doing! These nail trends are perfect to complete your looks for the festive winter season!

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