Staple Winter Pieces You Need This Winter 2022

By Yousra Bachine

Winter is almost here and whether we are waiting for it or not, one thing that we are all NEEDING is outfit inspiration for this winter. There is no need to stress further, as we are going to break down the winter fashion trends of 2022. During the last few fashion weeks that took place earlier this year, many looks were awed over and were expected to be fashionable for this winter.  

Back to School This Winter?

Ever thought about recycling your school uniform? Or even trying to recreate it to make it chic? This trend can be interpreted in a classic or chic way – maybe with an oversized touch? The tie is founded to be key accessory of this outfit that you can wear in any colour you want. This preppy look will never get old. In the past we’ve seen mini school skirts and tights being worn, and even though it might not be the warmest of outfits – it is definitely fashionable. – Courtsey of Louis Vuitton

Corset Until You Drop!

The corset, which has quite the history, is being seen a lot more in the present day fashion industry. Corsets have been trending all this year, with some wearing it over their summer dresses and others wearing it with an oversized blazer. It’s become so popular that even big brands, such as Adidas, have created its own corset with the brand’s distinctive flashy colours. A corset is a staple piece you need this winter. – Corset Style – Gael

The Classic Fur Jacket

Faux fur is the most loved material for the winter season with many wearing fur jackets, and it seems as though this style won’t be dying any time soon. Oversized or fitted, with jeans or even your thickest dress! Faux fur is what’s loved most this winter and we are still here for it. – Fur Coat

Chanel Your Inner Detective

Speaking about coats, we have seen an increase of love for long leather overcoats this year. They slowly made their way onto this list at the beginning of fall (as that’s when we were seeing them the most), but held their place firmly this winter. You could pair this piece in so many ways – so have fun! The main effect of these large coats is that they give the impression of a structured shape for the upper body. 

However, leather is also a material you need to watch out for! As it is definitely creeping up on us this winter. – Saint Laurent

Pick Your Block Colour!

Get “winter colours” out of your head as we are facing a colour epidemic, and we are here for it! The fashionable colours for this winter season are purple and red. These colours were seen the most at the most recent winter fashion week which were presented for the Autumn/Winter collections. However, have fun with adding any colour to your outfit in any staple piece. Ultra Violet Style

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