Everything You Need to Know About the Vogue Ball Arabia 2022

By Yousra Bachine This is the time of the year we all have been waiting for! This is the annual edition of the Vogue Ball of Arabia and the least that we can say is that this third edition was mind blowing. Many stars were present as well as royalties and many important figures from […]

‘Dubai Bling’: All you need to know about the new Dubai Reality Show¬†

BY YOUSRA BACHINE I know that we all love reality shows with a lot of drama. Secrets and gossip about our favourite stars and personalities, it’s all so addicting. Did you know that in the Arab world, reality shows have been the catalyst for many people’s success, and have been able to discover many talents? […]

MAN-MADE MOON – Yes, you heard that right!

By Nora Toufaili Have you ever had a moment in your life where you imagine a moon created by humans? I mean only just over 50 years ago, the first ever person to land and walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong. That moment in time remains until this day, as the greatest triumph of […]