‘Dubai Bling’: All you need to know about the new Dubai Reality Show 


I know that we all love reality shows with a lot of drama. Secrets and gossip about our favourite stars and personalities, it’s all so addicting. Did you know that in the Arab world, reality shows have been the catalyst for many people’s success, and have been able to discover many talents? An important number of Arab stars today, are products of reality shows. For example, the famous Palestinian singer, Mohammed Assaf, or the Lebanese singer and ‘diva’ Elissa (A.K.A the queen of hearts) were discovered thanks to TV reality shows.

I am going to be spilling the tea about this new reality show that is produced by Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know!

Speaking about Netflix, the American multinational is all set to launch a reality show based on the lives of millionaires from Dubai. This show is called: Dubai Bling. The show is supposed to air on 27th October, and will also give more light to Arab reality TV. In this new program, we will be able to follow 10 personalities living the Dubai dream. The most popular city of the UAE, is presented as the land of opportunities where people can start from scratch to finally be able to reach success. But, this journey in the Dubai jungle is surely not going to be always easy and welcoming. We will witness the difficulties and hardships the personalities are undergoing day after day, and how they work hard to achieve their dreams. 

The cast of the 10 personalities has been revealed in the first glimpse of the show, where we can notice the drama, the money and the glittering lives of the stars. Personalities that are successful in their professions, will reveal their daily lives and their journey to success. Farhana Bodi, Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran, Safa Siddiqui, and Loujain Adadah are the cast for this new show.

This is what Netflix had to say about the new upcoming show.

“Setting new global benchmarks in trade, business and innovation, Dubai is the land of wealth and opportunity for those brave enough to make it. Playing an instrumental role in the success of these individuals, experience the beautiful city of Dubai, through the eyes of some of its most successful personalities”.

“The cast of Dubai Bling embody this determined spirit, giving you behind-the-scenes access to the daily lives of the trailblazers who are at the top of their fields, from real estate, to entertainment, to socialites and influencers. From the enterprising businessman to the free-spirited who pursued their passion, the cast of Dubai Bling, built their empires from the ground up.”

“Every episode of this explosive Arabic reality show, is packed with pizazz and guaranteed to keep you glued to your screens as you soak up the extravagance, luxury and intense drama of these 10 millionaires, living their version of the Dubai Dream.”

Netflix’s Dubai Bling show date announcement

This tv show is really drawing our attention. especially because each personality has a challenge about themselves, so all of them need to work on themselves in order for the show to go on. For the presentation of each star, Netflix tells us more.

“Bold and beautiful, Zeina is the link connecting the social circle together – can they all stay on her good side?”

“Can Lojain serve as the voice of reason as her friends bicker and fall out?”

“Outspoken, assertive and not shy to speak her mind, she has joined the social circle but will the bling city be the fresh start Loujain is hoping for?”

These are some of the questions that lure us to watch this show!


Safa Siddiqui & Zeina Khoury in Dubai Bling

The variety of origins is also represented in Dubai Bling, with a cast coming from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq or India for example. The same goes for the field of activity. For example, the stars are working in businesses in social media, real estate or the music industry. We can also get to know the dream city of Dubai more in depth. We are expecting to discover more of this city and highlights of the most amazing locations and places to be. We also want to see what will be the major events of the show and the honest life stories of every personality, to understand their journey and to get a realistic point of view about the opportunities Dubai can offer as well as the complexity of the city. 

As of now, this all we know at the Girls Grow Club, regarding this new Netflix reality show based in Dubai. We are also excited for the release of the show and can not wait to binge watch it and follow all the drama, the gossips and the information we have to know about the road to success in the city of dreams! And yes, we will not forget to keep you updated about the latest news from the show – here at the GGC.

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