Vampire Skin : The glitz you need for Halloween

By Yousra Bachine

Halloween is just around the corner and at the Girls Grow Club, we want you to be completely prepared and aware of the beauty trends for the season. We know that make-up plays an important part of Halloween and especially when it comes to showcasing the best looks of the season on social media. Speaking of social media, the latest trend has been making a lot of noise. Did you know that this trend has been inspired by the famous saga, Twilight ? 

Yes, I’m speaking about the Vampire Skin trend. You might have heard about Vampire Skin probably on TikTok since it has gone viral, but if you haven’t no worries I’ll spill the tea for you! In this article, we will speak about Vampire Skin and how to master it for an ideal subtle and elegant Halloween make-up. 

This new make-up trend is unique, especially for a Halloween make-up, as it is far from being a traditional Halloween make-up with reproduction of skeletons, and bloody faces looking like clowns or even zombies. Actually, the goal here is to look like a vampire straight out of a Twilight movie and to make your skin glitzy with a touch of glamor. 

This make-up reproduces with silver glitter the shiny effect of the vampire skin which, in the Twilight movies, shine with a bright light. We can actually all remember how we loved Edward Cullen’s skin (played by Robert Pattison) the first time we saw his face glittering in the light of the sun and this is exactly the effect that people want to recreate. 

The trend has been created on Tiktok thanks to the content creator and makeup artist @imonaugust who shared a video on his account explaining step by step how to recreate it and how to obtain this glowy skin. This new make-up is also trending because it is actually very easy to do and you do not need a big range of products to recreate it. Moreover the fact that this makeup is glamorous, discreet and elegant does make this trend getting out of the game. 

It is also important to notice that glittery make-up is in the era of time since we saw it a lot during the last Fashion Week shows, especially at Elie Saab or Vivienne Westwood shows where the models were seen with shiny faces and glittering clothes, it was also appreciated by the personalities and people on social media. 

Elie Saab Haute Couture – Vogue

Now that you have all the information about the Vampire Skin trend and its origins, I will tell you everything you need to know to master this look. These tips have been given by @imonaugust and approved by people who tried it as well as important magazines like Cosmopolitan or Vogue. Here are the steps you need to complete to have the perfect Vampire Skin look : 

  • Start by preparing your skin with your usual skincare routine and a foundation, so that the makeup will last
  • Mix foundation and highlighter or liquid glitter on the back of your hand  
  • Apply the glitter foundation all over the face with a suitable brush  
  • To intensify the make-up, add glitter or powder highlighter by tapping on the bright areas of the face (cheekbones, nose, eyebrows, chin, temples)
  • Make sure to cover the neck and ears to avoid markings
  • Use a fixation spray so that the make-up stays on all night

Finally to have the most perfect make-up and to really look like a Vampire out of Twilight movie, the finishing touch is to wear orange coloured contact lenses! It will also fit the spirit of a perfect Halloween night look. 

As we said earlier you can use your own makeup products, the aim of this makeup is also to make it easy as you don’t need a lot of products and it can be done quickly. You just need to be sure to have enough glitter for this look because glitter is the main product. 

If you didn’t have any idea what Halloween makeup look to wear, you know now that Vampire Skin is the trend of the year, so use all the glitter that you want and don’t forget your orange lenses! 

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