The space inside is the key to your state

by Imane Ahammar.

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Hi love, so last week I told you all about the details on how you can improve your day by using your own interior and other pieces you love in and around the house. But let me tell you something new … today I will tell you all about how interior is related to your mental state. You might have heard many stories about this topic and seen a few things on the internet, but it goes beyond what we are seeing on the net. So girl, get ready as I’m about to spill it all! 

The first fact is that organizing your space and taking care of your interior is beneficial for not only your physical health and your mood but also increases your focus massively. Many studies have been accentuating this matter. So, let me briefly explain…

Your physical health

A study by Nicole Keith for example, shows that the state of our homes can have a huge impact on our physical state as well. It’s proven that people with a clean house are healthier than the ones who leave their spaces cluttered or unorganized. I mean I would 100% say the same. Cluttered houses can impact your hygiene immensely and we really don’t want those germs spreading! Maybe this sounds a bit scary this way but these are things we sometimes don’t want to accept. So let’s go to something more intense: your mood and focus! As this is what a boss babe like you needs to hear and read about…

Your mood

Don’t you feel better leaving the house and you turning your back to check the lasts things before you leave and the last view you have of your home is that’s is nice and tidy? And you know that when you get back home you will find yourself in a clean atmosphere and go on doing the things you need to do? Our lives our busy enough so seeing this view can bring a smile to your face, knowing you’re coming home and get some rest instead of having to do million other things, one of them being that you still have to tidy your space? Ticking this off your ongoing list can have a major effect on your mood. It takes away the anxiety, reduces stress and nervousness of coming back home to a mess. Organizing and tidying the spaces around you will help you get more rest at night when doing so it also affects your mental health. 

I know organizing and tidying might not be for everyone and if you dread this moment, try seeing it as a therapy session, not just decluttering your house but also your head. Do this while putting on some relaxing music or listen to that one playlist that you love. When doing so, it can lift your mood before having it all finished.

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Your focus

Imagine working from home and you have just finished off a meeting, you look around you and all you can see is a messy and unorganized space. Or imagine coming home to a cluttered space. Doesn’t that immediately give you a very depriving feeling? This exact chaos that you are witnessing will also create a chaos inside your head. It’s going to suck all of your focus for the day because you know that you will have to organize at one point but until than you won’t really be able to focus or be relaxed in your own home. Seeing all of the chaos will also negatively impact your work mode. And that’s something a boss babe really doesn’t want. It’s easy to say get up and get organized, but trust me, organizing, cleaning or decluttering your space will help your brain process things faster and easier, make you less distracted from the mess you are seeing and can make you even more productive. So my golden tip is to take your time or schedule a day during the week to declutter your home and at the same declutter all the negative energy with it. Get yourself a nice drink, put on some relaxing music and start trusting the process. You don’t have to do it every day, but in order to help you focus, it’s important to focus on your space as well. 

Now that I’ve given you some information to work with, I want to share some advice with you that I’ve personally been following and that I want to be sure you know is honest and sincere. 

A simple sentence that I like to use is: a clean house is a clean mind. This is a phrase my mother always used, and it has remained with me ever since. This game-changing viewpoint is something I’ve been practicing as well, and let me tell you, it has completely altered my perspective on life. I’ve been doing this for a very long time.

A Japanese philosophy known as “Kaizen” served as my inspiration for the following particular mindset. I am not joking; many of the books and topics that explore this concept link back to how advantageous it is to follow it for a healthier state of mind. If you are unfamiliar with this definition, it is my pleasure to introduce you to this philosophy.

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The philosophy ’’Kaizen’’ actually consists of two separate words; Kai and Zen. The word ’’Kai’’ stands for the word ”change’’ and ”Zen” is the definition of ”good’’. A simple explanation for these two words is on-going or continuous improvement and this can be used for everything in life. So in this sense ‘’Kaizen’’ is literally trying to say; change to become better

In the following paragraphs, we’ll make a connection between it and how improving your environment can help your mental health. 

I mean we all have those days where we need to be out and about but don’t have time to clean after ourselves, like your room or the kitchen. Or let’s say you are not even that out-going but you don’t like cleaning or organizing your space and are bored of your interior… and I know we all have those moments including yourself sis. I know we try to deny it to ourselves, but we are not perfect and we do not have to be. But small things like this can help you a step further to making your life better!

So how can we implement the Kaizen philosophy and what are the benefits of having an organized space?

It has been demonstrated that neglecting our living spaces can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Consider how your life would be if it continued to be this way, knowing how much it would affect you. Wouldn’t that be a good enough reason to get up and make a change? During the pandemic, we were forced to spend so much time at home that our relationship with our homes has grown even more significant. And as a boss babe, I am aware of your deepest aspirations, one of which is to improve and develop into the best version of YOU! 

I was able to develop my own decluttering strategy with the aid of all the information I shared with you, this includes the “Kaizen” philosophy, and other factors. I set aside a day each week to clean and organize my entire home and determine what still brings me joy there. I have improved my living space by getting rid of anything that only clogs up my thoughts when I look at it or think about it. 

We all care for ourselves, right? Therefore, why not change your life for the better while also taking care of your home?  To see what it can do for you, put the philosophy into practice in your own time frame. And remember, girl, that no matter how unimportant it may seem, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So see you next week as we are going to talk about a new topic. 

I’ll give you a clue since I can’t keep these secrets to myself. Next will be about you, I’m going to take you on a journey to discover what kinds of interior styles would work best for your personality. Stay tuned! 

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