The Sleepwear Trend for the Day


As usual welcome back to the Fashion section. I hope you are doing amazing, grab your favourite drink and take your time to benefit from this article and the tips I will provide you.

Be comfortable, because our topic today is all about being comfy in your clothes. Did you know that pyjamas are a trendy daywear outfit ? Yes you read that right! Your favourite pieces of clothes for the night, can be your stylish outfit for the day. However, there are certain ‘rules’ in order to master this style, and to be able to look on point with the fashion sense of that outfit; and most importantly, to avoid looking like a fashion victim. But don’t worry I got your back girl, so let’s go! 


First of all, you need to know that the sleepwear trend or more casually called, the “pyjama” trend, is very recent. So, the looks that we are getting to witness and the variations of it are still new, and that means that this trend still has space for surprises! Which we actually love here at the Fashion section, because that implies more ways to be comfortable in your clothes; and to feel the best while you are dressed. Let’s remember that being comfortable in your clothes is one of the best feelings in the world, and I know you can all agree. Some of the biggest Boss Babes of today are rocking their sleepwear.

You might have seen several stars participating in the Sleepwear Trend for many occasions or daily life situations. For example, going to a Fashion show or just heading to the airport to catch a flight – the sleepover trend is everywhere. Many fashion websites are now selling satin sleepwear clothes. The pieces of clothes that are available today offer you a large range of products in different materials. For instance, you can find silk, cotton, printed or crêpe de chine clothes that you can wear and try in as many styles as you want.

The sleepwear trend can be your outfit for the office too. If you know how to master their style it can definitely be a chic and elegant way to dress for work. In fact, an important aspect responsible for the rise of the sleepwear trend for the day is the Covid-19 pandemic! Can you believe it? Even the pandemic can have a positive impact on us. Of course people were wearing their pyjamas during remote work when they had meetings. So they had to glam up their sleepwear by adding accessories or wearing their best looking comfy clothes. So the loungewear fashion market benefited from this trend, and this new way of dressing for work either at home or at the office. Actually, this trend has become a complete fashion style now because of the success of the sleepwear style. Many important brands like Jacquemus and Gucci have been promoting this fashion style during their last shows. 

Sleepwear look by Zoe Saldana

Feel free to use this style and wear it for your office days or your business meetings. But before you dress in your favourite sleepwear clothes, here are some tips and advice for you to put into practice to be the best dressed:

  • Even if there are various options and materials, to begin, you should start with wearing silk, it looks chic and add elegance to every outfit.
  • Nailing the all sleepwear looks can seem intimidating at first, so I advise you to start from the top with a silk pyjama top and pair them with jeans, it will look classy with a touch of style.
  • You can complete your outfit with a blazer to make your outfit comfy and powerful at the same time. 
  • Adapt the clothes to your body. The fabrics should fit your shape so you can feel comfortable and at ease in your outfit.
  • An oversized touch is also elegant, and the best occasion to wear an oversized outfit is when you’re wearing sleepwear. So benefit from that and be your most elegant self.
  • Do not forget the accessories. In fact, the accessories are one the of the most important parts of the outfit. An elegant handbag paired with some earrings and rings is the sign of a complete and nailed outfit.
  • You can wear a pair of heels to make your outfit more adapted to your important business meetings and sneakers when it’s time to have a casual day.
  • When you’re trying the sleepwear trend for the first time, you can focus primarily on plain and solid colours, when you feel more confident, try some original and printed pieces – don’t forget, go at your own pace.
  • Clothing brand, Feju by Nora Achmaoui, is here for you with great and comfortable sleepwear outfits that are perfect for you and made with love! You will surely find your outfit, and it is definitely a great brand to start off with.

Don’t forget to adapt this trend to your own fashion style, and what you love to wear. Keep in mind that you need to be comfortable and feel comfy in your clothes when you’re wearing a sleepwear outfit for the day and especially when you’re working. 

Add all of this precious knowledge to your Girl Grow Code, and remember that you should feel your most powerful self – even if the trend is about sleepwear. Master the look, and own the trend! Take your time, and benefit from this trend on days where you want to be more comfortable in your clothes, but still want that elegant look. The sleepwear pieces can be used for a chill moment at home, for a working day at the office or for a classy and elegant occasion! Adapt your style to the situation and keep it simple at first if you’re still learning about this fashion style. 

You can now completely nail the sleepwear look and take part in this trend, which seems to be here to stay. Don’t hesitate, follow the advices and go for it! 

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