The New Era of Responsible Fashion in Copenhagen 


As you know now, this section is all about empowering you and making you the Boss Babe you always wanted to be through your Fashion style. So make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn about the new kind of Fashion Weeks. 

As you know our mission at the Girls Grow Club is to educate and give you profitable content that you can use and benefit from to unleash the powerful woman inside you. Did you know that Fashion and Environment can really make a great match ? Let me spill the tea for you girl! Today I will reveal to you all the important facts you need to know about the Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Copenhagen is the capital city of  Denmark. As you might know Denmark is a country where the environment holds a great importance for the population out there. The Government has established many laws and rules to get rid of fossil energies and to start to use and exclusively depend on renewable energies. Indeed, respect for the environment is the norm and Danish people are actually known for having one of  the best living standards in Europe and in the world. At the European scale, Denmark is the one of the first countries to be independent from the use of fossil energies and it is the leader in The European Union when it comes to full use of renewable energies. 

Ganni by Simon Birk – Fashion United

Naturally, Danish people are also concerned and conscious about how they dress and where their clothes are coming from. This way of thinking and making choices regarding their clothes is not only present in the values of important fashion brands but also in the minds of the population. People want to dress according to their principles, always respecting the environment. Indeed it is not surprising that Copenhagen Fashion Week is also known to be the Greenest Fashion Week.  

In fact, the Copenhagen Fashion Week demanded that the brands that were showcasing their collection needed to be aligned with the ecological principles endorsed by this fashion week. Obviously the Copenhagen Fashion Week is not as prestigious and popular as the other European Fashion Weeks like the Paris, Milan or London ones but the particularity of Denmark is to show and prove that there is, indeed, another way to dress and create fashion. 

And it does work! The Copenhagen Fashion Week is gaining way more popularity and recognition each year. This is great news actually because it shows that environment and ecology need to be included in the fashion process and if the successful brands can do it and make it to a green fashion week, the industry can change and aim to reach more sustainable goals. I do understand girls that as of now it can be very difficult to not buy from the Fast Fashion industry because the main obstacle is the price. 

In fact the prices for more sustainable clothes can be very high for a majority of people, not everyone can afford to dress as they want unfortunately. However, fashion weeks like the Copenhagen one can enable the industry as a whole to bring changes and actions ! So now let’s see precisely what happened there.

Holzweiler – Fashion United

Here are the main highlights of the Copenhagen Fashion Week : 

  • This fashion week was powered by Zalando, a company that operates mainly in the sale of shoes and clothing and which is based in Berlin. It is one of the famous fashion world brands and is present in 23 European countries across the globe. 
  • An award was given to the sustainable brand according to the principles and values of the Fashion Week. The award is named the Zaland Sustainability Award and was won by the brand RANRA, as per the official website of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, here’s why RANRA won the award and what this award is about : 

“RANRA particularly impressed the jury with an unexpected mix of colors and textures on the runway, which is not as prevalent in more sustainable shows, creating a highly fashionable show. The jury liked how the brand designed its collection with longevity in mind, with many of the garments being adaptable and versatile. The Zalando Sustainability Award encourages fashion brands to explore more sustainable alternatives and recognize strategies that contribute to a less harmful future”. 

Along with the award and following the jury’s opinion “the collection showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week highlighted the brand’s localized supply chain, with all fabrics sourced from its Italian supplier. The mix of fabrics and textures were unexpected, making each piece an exciting statement on the runway. RANRA will receive a prize of €20,000 and a partnership with Zalando to develop an exclusive collection that will further leverage more sustainable design solutions across materials, production processes, technological solutions and traceability.”

  • 36 brands were presented during the five days, which represent an encouraging number for the next Copenhagen Fashion Weeks and especially for the new brands that are really thinking of sustainability and producing “greener” clothes.
  • Unique pieces and street style fashion were part of this fashion week. For instance, renewable materials were used to produce clothes and a dress was showcased made from recycled parachute materials. Moreover, brands like Jade Cropper used circulos, a fibre made entirely from textile waste.

As a fashion lover, I can tell you how great and relieving it is to witness the creation and the success of events like the Copenhagen Fashion Weeks. This beautiful industry needs to act for the future, for the environment and for a better and healthy process of production. 

As you can see and notice, the Copenhagen Fashion Week is the place to be if you want to see how original and sustainable clothes are made and to keep up with this new way of dressing, a more responsible way. Indeed, the fashion sector is keen on producing clothes and creating outfits that match the needs of today for a better future but there is much to achieve yet. This new kind of Fashion Week should be the norm because, let us be honest here, the textile industry is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world and this is time to act for a better change. 

The Copenhagen Fashion Week is a great start to a new more responsible and healthy fashion world where the brands and the industry as a whole will be sustainable and amazing!

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