The Mayyas: Winner’s of America’s Got Talent 2022!

By Nora Toufaili,

It is a beautiful feeling, seeing boss babes globally striving their way through their passion and succeeding. This year on America’s Got Talent, a dance group named, The Mayyas originating from Lebanon specializing in Middle Eastern contemporary and belly dance have won the Grand Final and the grand prize of $1,000,000.

The Mayyas auditioned back in June at The America’s Got Talent Competition instantly winning the Golden Buzzer from the legendary Sofia Vergara.

“That was amazing. There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling over here. It was the most beautiful, creative dancing I’ve ever seen.”

Said Sofia Vergara.

A performance that included feathers, moving hips, swaying arms and so much passion, the moment they lifted their head up, crossed their arms signalling the end of their routine, the roar of the crowd lifted so quickly, shocking them with an astonishing and hypnotizing performance.

But, who are The Mayyas?

Originating from Lebanon, The Mayyas is a dance group founded by Nadim Cherfan only 4 years ago. All the dancers are girls ranging in age and coming from different parts of Lebanon each from a diffenct religious background. The group resides in Beirut, but travel all around Lebanon and internationally to perform. Their appearances include: a dance routine collaborating with Helene Fischer on the Helene Fischer show in 2019, The Murex D’ Or, Arabs Got Talent, Britians Got Talent, and video clips such as Orkoss by Nawal Al Zoghbi and Tigi by Haifa Wehbi.

In early September, they yet again shocked the crowd and judges on AGT with another performance embedding the true Middle Eastern belly dance with a dark, gloomy and mysterious performance that had visuals of a dark forest with colours of deep blue, green and black. It included music that gives you a sensation so calm yet a bit sharp and snake like. Ending their dance with a pose imitating a large tree in the forest with wide and thick roots. Captivating everyone’s attention including the judges.

‘This is going to sound a bit dramatic. This is a performance that’s going to change the world’

said Simon Cowell, one of the judge on the Americas Got Talent.

The Mayyas were voted up to the finals along side Kristy Sellers.

Finally, on the 15th of September, The Mayyas once again boomed the crowd with another act so different from the last two. Beginning the dance with beautiful colours of the galaxy, dreamy, swan like with feathers, gold costumes and shining brighter than ever.

We hope we mesmerized you!”
Said The Mayyas on their official Instagram account.

This performance had no shortage of captivating the audience and leaving you silenced with amazement. How are they able to do that every time? Their focus on the Arab style of belly dance mixing a little Indian traditional dance and a bit of western characteristics with the accumulation of their bodies together to create much bigger scales of visuals like a snow white feathery dress, a Cedar tree representing their roots, snowy mountains representing the mountains of Lebanon and a dove of peace. With these elements of the performance in conjunction with the perfectly orchestrated Lebanese classical music to showcase a theme and to tell a story. A story ingrained with history, roots and passion for the arts.

“There is nothing to say because you guys are the best thing that happened on AGT. This is spectacular, another level.’

commented Sofia Vergara after the final performance.

“This is what a million dollar act looks like.”

Heidi Klum, another member of the judge, added.

“Something has happened here which I’m beginning to feel a buzz beyond the show.’ – Simon Cowell.

After this moment, The Mayyas have changed everything. Especially the last three years, after the life changing protests, Lebanon has only shattered and is looking for any hope for the future. The Mayyas have finally brought that hope to their country, opening the gateway to show and display what their country has to offer. With this opportunity, it may lead to a better future for Lebanon, the Lebanese people and of course the Middle East in general as we all share the same traditions, culture and love for the arts.

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