The Best Fashion Advices on TikTok


Hey Girl, The Fashion Section is here once again ! I hope you are doing amazing. Get comfortable and  let’s start to read another great article on Fashion. For the readers that have been here often, you know the drill girl, benefit from this article and add all the great advices to your Girl Grow Code ! So grab your favourite drink and let’s dive in ! 

Today, I am going to reveal where you can find the best fashion advice on TikTok to help you become the Boss Babe you want to be ! Did you know that important luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent have already broadcast their fashion show on TikTok? TikTok is a great platform where you can find plenty of  valuable content, it has also enabled content creators to join the fashion industry! Today I am here to guide you through TikTok so that you find the best content creators that benefit to your wardrobe and your fashion style.

Smart Casual capsule wardrobe from Tiktok by @whatverowears

Firstly, you need to be aware of what you want to find on TikTok, you do not want to waste time watching fashion content that does not match your vibe and aesthetic! Remember girl, you want to find your fashion style, keeping in mind that you need to feel like a Boss Babe. To get inspired you can look through some hashtags about fashion and fashion trends. It will give some inspiration on dressing and fashion, but again you need to sort out the content you will see and to keep the best out of it. So filter what is relevant for you!

Secondly, TikTok is also a platform where models and professionals of the fashion industry give advice and share their personal experiences. In fact, they share how they find their own fashion style is and what their tips are on how to dress a certain way or for specific occasion. This way, you can follow your role models and the people you admire for their fashion sense and their dressing style. Fashion tips on TikTok can be taken seriously because some of the most important agencies of the fashion market are looking for new talent on this platform. 

Thirdly, the new fashion trends are also born in TikTok nowadays ! You can monitor the new trends that are becoming viral on the platform and shared by your favourite content creators. You can discover new ways of dressing and get inspired by them like the transformation of a scarf in a shirt for the summer or how you can customise an oversize shirt into a dress. These new inspirations can be added to your fashion style and hence you can create your own looks. Use the content you are viewing on TikTok for your own purpose, the idea here is not to copy paste everything that is broadcasted but to use it and to adapt it to your own style ! Look at social media as a tool or as a bag full of items. Then you have to select the best one and the one that is suitable for you ! 

One of the great advantages of TikTok regarding the Fashion sector, is that designers are also active on the platform and they actually share the creative process in terms of the collections they create. Big name brands and fashion houses like Jacquemus or Balmain post about their collections, their universe and brand image. The creative process of these kinds of fashion brands can be a great opportunity to benefit from such important creators and actors of the fashion world. It can also give you inspiration and some knowledge which can be useful.

Modest capsule wardrobe from Tiktok by

Now that you know what to find regarding great fashion content and how to be inspired by all of it on TikTok, it is time for you girl, to immerse yourself in fashion and discover practical content for you, and most importantly, content that you can apply and use to become the Boss Woman you are meant to be ! 

Here you have five content creators that can help you define your style and give you some great fashion advices only on TikTok : 

@ALLISONBORNSTEIN6 has a theoretic approach when it comes to fashion and she depicts a clear view on fashion style by defining every style she describes with only three adjectives. Benefit from her and her analysis to understand the art of dressing more precisely ! 

@SUPPLECHIC is the woman on a mission to help you find new ways of dressing especially for women with curves ! This type of content is so refreshing and yes, every woman has the right to be stylish, irrespective of  her body and curves, just like you queen ! 

@ITISAMYK is here for you my modest and hijabi queens ! She retreats outfits worn by stars and models like Kendeall Jenner in a modest version ! She is very creative and she gives a representation for hijabis and girls that just want to dress as an icon according to their modest fashion style.

@AMEERABW got your back, my retro queens ! Yes you hear it right, old is the new trend ! This account showcases the compatibility between old and new with a great touch of elegance. It could be great for the day you want to go extra and feel the vintage and classy vibe while celebrating your successes girl ! To feel like a princess you must watch her content ! 

@LIVJUDD is here for the mothers who want to be chic mamas ! Her account is all about classy and chic tips and outfits you must follow ! The fashion sector doesn’t talk much about mothers, but girls, I am here for you and this account can help you gain time and stay stylish in this new beautiful phase of your life ! 

Make sure to follow all of the content creators which are the best on TikTok in terms of best Fashion advices you can find on the platform ! Get inspired and learn every time about your fashion style and how to get dressed as well as some useful tips ! Don’t forget to read the previous article on Power dressing if you want to know more about one of the most important aspects of looking and feeling like a boss woman, check it out !

Now you know where to find the best fashion advices on TikTok and how to dress like the Boss woman you are meant to be, you are capable of it and so much more, so go for it and dress like you should my girl ! 

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