by Hanan Ouali

Have you ever wondered how to be THAT GIRL?

That successful babe !    

The one everyone looks at and thinks – Wow, how DID she do THAT!

What does success look like to you? Does it mean a high paying job? Perhaps owning your own home or running your own business?

Success means different things to different people, but no matter what it means to you, success takes a lot of hard work and grit! You heard that right, you got to work for it!

Women who are successful don’t just wake up one day with everything in the palm of their hands; they have to shed blood, sweat, and might even loose some tears to achieve their goals. So, make sure your make up is waterproof girl!

A prerequisite for measuring success is the formulation of goals! That’s for sure! Only when it’s defined what is to be achieved it can be checked afterwards, whether the goal has actually been achieved or not. It is very important to remember that there is no lack of instruments for measuring success! So check out the following four key habits and get ready to work for it.

Education is not only key; it is the foundation.  

A successful woman never stops searching for all the knowledge in different areas of life. We all know that having an education is important. Now I am not saying you have to have a doctorate to prove you are successful.

Buuuttttt, it is quite impressive on the eye!

Learning is a part of living and growing. So, learn something new each day. With modern technology, gaining knowledge is so much easier. Knowledge is power, and successful women are powerful. Take advantage of the world around you girl! I can promise you that you will learn something new after reading this post – that’s for sure!

Set goals near and wide!

Boss Babes try their best to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.

In order to set achievable goals, they must be as concrete as they are and most importantly, realistic – not like every second scene in a Hollywood movie. The problem is often a wrong defined goal, not the goal itself.

The WOOP-method works for example similar to the SMART-method (something every successful woman should have heard of and used before – including you and me of course).

The acronym is about for the following terms:


At the beginning there is the heart’s desire that you want to implement.


Visualize the result: what will be different if this wish comes true? How will the result affect you? From here you get the energy out to implement the goal and hustle even during hard times.


 Identify the reasons why you’re not there yet. What obstacles have to get out of your way? What personal characteristics, patterns and behaviors are disruptive?


Develop plans to take down these barriers. Then you consistently head towards your goal. Every journey starts with a small first step.

Goals are essential for success. If you don’t strive for anything, you can’t achieve anything. Without a definite goal in mind, we can never measure how close we are to the goal.

Girl you can do it!                     

Bestie, let me give you some really, really good reasons why goals are so important:   
Goals are giving us orientation.
Goals define our own success.
Goals are an incentive and a motor at the same time.
Achieving goals makes us happy.
Goals increase self confidence.

You may ask how am I able to achieve my goals?

Girl, don’t be scared, I am by your side and here are the top 6 financial planning steps to follow when creating your own financial plan to achieve your goals.

Watch your finances and p to the laaan

Did you know that it wasn’t until the 1960s that women were allowed to open bank accounts themselves? And that there are still 18 countries in the world where a woman needs her husband’s permission to go to work? For this reason alone, this world still seems so old-fashioned and anything but lit (af) and equal and I am waiting to celebrate “Christina” street day for woman rights.   

Nevertheless girl, here are the top 6 financial planning steps to follow when creating your own financial plan.

Understand your finances:                                                                          

Before you can plan your future, you must analyze the present.                       

Make a list with the following information:

  1. Assets (for example: savings accounts)
  2. List of your debts (all loans etc.)


Create a folder with this and all other important information. The best thing to do is create an Excel spreadsheet that you update regularly and see where you currently stand. It’s important to not forget your backups! Data security is an essential aspect and the purpose of the backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of a primary data failure.

Determine and select goals                                                                                

The next step is to determine where you want to be in the future. Break down your goals into 3 time units:

  • short-term (12 months)
  • medium-term (1-5 years)
  • & long-term goals (more than 5 years).

Analyze information                                                       

Now we come to the step that most people don’t enjoy very much. But always remember: the goal is worth it. Try to keep the following questions in mind while reviewing your paperwork: What does the “have” side say – how much money do I have? For example in the form of cash, savings on the account, maybe even investments?

How do you currently manage your money? Have you already found a method for yourself?

Do you have an estate plan just in case?

Are you covered enough? (Health insurance, household effects, disability, etc.)

If you work through your documents with regard to your goals, you will quickly realize for yourself in which direction you have to move in the future. What gaps you need to fill and what your top priority is.

Create your plan                                                                                                    

All this preparatory work has now taken you so far that you are  ready to create your financial plan. So,  in this step we need to make some assumptions to create your plan. For example, we need to take an estimate of the return you will get on your money and how much you will earn in the future. Be flexible on this point in the future: check again and again whether your assumptions are still realistic and correct.

The plan will never be carved in stone.

Try new things, stay curious!

Even if it means going to a new place for lunch or taking a new route to work, women who achieve their goals, like to shake things up and keep life interesting somehow. They know that variety is the spice of life, so once things start feeling trivial, they take that as the opportunity to think outside the box. Scared girl? Good! We don’t grow when we stay in our comfort zone – never! Sooo, here are some examples you can try:

  • Try a new dish you’ve never had before
  • Sleep outside
  • Go to a furniture store and test out new mattresses
  • Take a crash course in a foreign language
  • Do something that actually scares you
  • Create a vision board for your goals
  • Visit a mosque/church/place of worship that you are not familiar with

If you can say to yourself: “I did this for the first time today and tomorrow I’ll try something completely different.”
Then you experience something new, you take up space, broaden your horizons and give your life an enviable lightness and excitement.
Success doesn’t just happen. It comes from creating habits that are repeated over and over again.

These 4 habits of successful women just copy and save them for later. You will want to remember them!

Sooo do you have what it takes to be a successful woman? – YES! It’s never too late to start. In fact, reading this article is just the beginning of your very own successful journey. Don’t let anything hold you back. Begin your successful journey NOW, because GIIIIIRL, you already got this!

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