Serena Williams’ New Start-Up: Revitalizing Recovery For Athletes

Written by Monique Rath

A superwoman like Serena Williams may have put her tennis racket to the side, but she definitely hasn’t stopped making waves as an entrepreneur, adding yet another venture to her list, alongside her already booming fashion and jewellery companies.

Although Serena Williams retired in August 2022, after the 2022 US Open, she’s used her newfound freedom to create products for the recovery process for athletes, and those leading active lifestyles by launching her own brand which is named; ‘WILL Perform’.

Serena Williams latest startup

With the recovery process being a massive part of her professional triumphs and execution in matches, she wanted to branch into the Wellness industry to provide individuals with optimal products to help with muscle recovery as Serena’s latest start-up endeavour.

Serena Williams new brand, WILL Perform

So, how are Serena’s products any different from the current recovery items already on the market?

They’re bespoke specifically for athletes and those leading active lifestyles with the use of clean ingredients that won’t interfere with our different skin types as well as being cruelty-free.

Whether you’re an invincible mom, an avid gym goer like myself, or just a badass woman who pushes her body through whatever exercise sets your soul on fire, our muscle recovery is super important for our performance. With that in mind, you can grab yourself a roll-on for pain relief, muscle soothing lotion or a pain relief spray, at a reasonable price of only 12.99 USD. Not too bad right?

Serena Williams WILL Perform

We all know how busy life can be, Serena Williams created these products alongside Hank Mercier and Eric Ryan so that they could be easily included in our everyday routines. WILL Perform’s products are already available for purchase, so let’s get recovered!

Ladies, Serena Williams and her new start-up WILL Perform; is a clear example of how we can just about do anything we put our minds to. She may be retired from professional tennis, but Serena is most definitely not done being a powerful role model for us women. If you’re questioning whether or not you should take that risk, I hope you do!

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