New York Fashion Week 2022: Highlights & Trends

By Nora Toufaili,

This is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for all fashion lovers, bloggers and enthusiasts. Every year, designer brands and designers, showcase their latest creations in New York to the rest of the world. These fashion shows feature some of the top models in the industry including: Bella Hadid, Kate Beckinsale and Proenza Schouler.

A lot of the brands that walked during this weeks SS (Spring/Summer) 2023 shows, have produced such amazing pieces, so unique that we’re sure they will inspire a lot for the new trends in 2023.

Tory Burch SS (Spring/Summer) 2023:

The Tory Burch SS 2023 is the most autumnal show by far! The maxi skirts, long coats, satin and silk, jeans and jersey, whilst incorporating the colours we associate with autumn. This includes: shades of browns, beige, grape purple, greys and blacks. There are some outfits that had a pop of colour here and there such as bright green and red with some of their colour block pieces. This years show had a variety of layered ensembles, inspiring new fashion trends such as the mini skirt over a flowy chiffon maxi skirt.

Tory Burch Runway: credit to @fashionist_styles on Instagram.

Something I’ve noticed in this years Tory Burch SS collection in this years New York Fashion Week, is the resemblance or inspiration coming from the fashion trends and pieces from the 90’s/early 2000’s.

Brandon Maxwell SS (Spring/Summer) 2023:

Brandon Maxwell: credit to @fashionist_styles on Instagram.

Brandon Maxwell’s collection is a lot different from the Burch collection. It’s more spring-like with shades of lilac, baby pink and lots of whites with floral prints and sequin skirts. How jazzy! There were other pieces that contrasted with so much black, which included some matte and glossy pieces with leather and cashmere. Judging by the shows of NYFW this year, there has been so many loose fitted designs and maxi pieces. Qualities perfect for the modest wearer.

Peter Do SS (Spring/Summer) 2023:

Peter Do Runway: credit to @fashionist_styles on Instagram.

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