Bleached Brows, Siren and Sleepy Eyes? Top 2022 Beauty Trends

by Bibiana Pitonakova

Have you heard about siren eyes, bleached eyebrows, or sleepy eye makeup? Let’s check them and many more 2022 makeup trends together!


Hi, girl! We all missed you A LOT! I hope you’re well and ready for a new article from the world of beauty. We will check together some popular trends that hit the world of makeup in 2022. Some of them are with us from the beginning of the year, and some of them are fresh, but no worries, we will check all of them. Join me on this makeup celebration journey!


Glossy lips

All supporters of lip glosses, now it’s your time to celebrate because shiny lipsticks and especially glosses that make your lips look chewy are back! Lip gloss with shine, glass effect, glitters, or a gentle fresh tint. We love all of them! Especially with mint or chili extract, which makes your lips optically bigger. Girl, this is something that can’t be missing from your bag.


Siren eyes

Do you want to hypnotize people with your look? I mean… such a vague  question, I’m sure you do! I’m not gonna lie, I include this trend into my daily routine the day it came out. Siren eyes is a 2022 hit that you didn’t know you needed to try, but don’t worry, today is the day! This makeup appearance makes your eyes more awake and defined. The trick is to apply dark eye shadow around the bottom and top of both waterlines and concentrate the eyeshadow upwards. Siren’s eyes perfectly suit every eye type and every color. Stay updated because in the next article my colleague will present you with the whole tutorial step by step!


✦ Bleached eyebrows

Do you remember Kendall Jenner’s look at the Met Gala this year? Or Valentino, Versace, or Mark Jacobs fashion shows? Bleached eyebrows are a trend that mostly dominates the faces of models during their catwalks. And, of course, at TikTok. As one wise proverb says, “there is no accounting for taste”, in the world of fashion and beauty this saying applies twice.


✦ Sleepy Eyes makeup

This is probably one of the newest trends in 2022. And guess what! TikTok plays the main role in this look as well. Sleepy eyes are a combination of siren eyes and doe eyes with attention to the area under the eyes. If you want to create this look, use black color instead of brown and pay attention to the angle of the eye, which should be more strength compared to siren eyes because the aim is not to make the eye optically longer, as it was with siren eyes. 


Colorful eyeliner

White, blue, green, purple… The more colors you try, the better. Be your own makeup artist! Colorful eyeliner is a hit for 2022. It doesn’t matter if you use eyeliner or an eye pencil. Try the way that you’d prefer. PS: if you have brown eyes, try the purple color, it’s gonna look amazing, I promise you!


✦ Liquid sunburnt blush

Who doesn’t like to add a super creamy color tint which doesn’t look unnatural but fresh to their faces? This new trend of creamy or liquid blush and more liquid products instead of powder products is making your face look much more natural. And we all love to look like that! 



✦ Clean girl make up

Another TikTok trend that the world has discovered in 2022. Clean girl’s makeup is saying “more is less”. To create this look you only need light makeup, mascara, brow gel, blush, lip gloss, and a sleek bun and you’re ready to go! This trend is kind of similar to the Passport Makeup trend made by Tiktoker Emira D´Spain, which describes how to prepare your makeup for the day you take your passport picture. Now, let’s move to another trend!



✦ Double winged eyeliner

If you want to create double-wigged eyeliner, I have a little tutorial for you. First, you need to create a line at the top of the lash, extend it outward, and end the line in the winged tip. Everything is about practice, so don’t worry. The more you will practice, the more you will get used to creating perfect eyeliner. Use high-quality products, good eyeliner, or a combination of eyeshadow and a good brush. And don’t worry, the shape of your eye will tell you how to create this perfect look!


Face gems

Have you ever heard about the TV series Euphoria? Yeah, the  one with Zendaya. It’s a huge hit that started in 2019 and continues with the second series this year. The main characters inspired lots of girls to use face glitter and face gems. So… face gems are not used only for festivals! You can be creative and use them on your eyelids, instead of eyeliner, above the eyebrows, and on your hair, which is another trend of 2022! Be creative and make your look.


✦ Fluffy eyebrows

Does it sound familiar to you? That means you’re not new in the world of beauty. I’m proud of you, girl! If you don’t know, no worries, I will explain everything to you. Soap for brows, transparent gel, or hairspray. These are the most used products for brows in 2022. You’re just brushing your brows and leaving them in this shape, without filling them with color, so that they will stay in that shape for the whole day. While using gel or soap, don’t forget to wipe the brush precisely, because if not, little white pieces of gel or soap are gonna be visible after it is dry. And we for sure don’t want that. You need to look awesome because you are already awesome!


✦ Body glow

Why would you use shiny products only on your face when you can use them all over your body and look like a Greek goddess? A healthy glittery shine will add to your body a great final look before any event. Especially now, after summer, when your body is more tanned. You can use body spray or body oil. What’s more, I will give you one hack that will save you money! You can create your shiny body oil yourself! just put a bit of liquid highlighter (I prefer a golden one) into the bottle of oil, shake it, and here you have your golden body oil. Let’s shine not only from within but also from the outside!


These are the new trends that popped up in 2022. I hope you got inspired at least by one of these makeup hits!

Now, a more important information. You can be the type of girl who uses mascara and lipstick, and feels confident, you can be the girl with glitter on her eyelids and fake eyelashes, you can be no makeup girl too. Don’t forget you are beautiful with and also without makeup. These choices are okay as long as you feel like yourself. So, feel free to be yourself, even in beauty. Because that’s what it is all about!




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