Mama Wafaa: How Did This Egyptian Mother Become The Internets Most Relatable Comedian?

Photo: Mama Wafaa

Written By Reiham Amin.

With over 280,000 followers on social media, Mama Wafaa has won the hearts of every nation. Her videos online have accumulated millions of views, as she continues to break cultural stigma. But how exactly did she do it?

Mama Wafaa’s career kickstarted on her daughter’s social media page (@maisvaullt), as secret videos of her being the ‘typical Arab mum’ were released online, which ultimately became comedic gold globally. However once revealed, her optimistic attitude and open mindedness allowed her preconceived perception of social media to alter, breaking the generational gap between the older and younger generation.

When Mai told you she wanted to pursue social media, what was your initial reaction?

That was a very sad day! *laughs* I had no idea what a career in social media was exactly. One of my children is already an engineer so I was waiting for a doctor in the family. We gave Mai everything to help her become a doctor – so when she said social media? *laughs* This was a shock for me.

Little did Mama Wafaa know that she too was also becoming an internet sensation, and now pursuing it full time. However, not everyone reacted to her daughter’s videos positively.

I remember receiving calls from the ladies at the mosque, some of which were my friends. They started lecturing me about what my daughter was doing, and how it is ‘wrong’. Mama Wafaa had mentioned during her talk at the One Billion Summit recently in Dubai.

Regardless of how social media is seen in some communities, Mama Wafaa’s inquisitive mind grew. After realising the content her daughter was posting wasn’t anything she wouldn’t approve of, she questioned the possibility of creating content herself and continued to be the star in her daughter’s videos. However, nothing in life comes easy.

Being part of social groups such as the Muslim and Arab community, how did you deal with the backlash from social media?

You know if you compare the positives to the negatives, of course the positives won in my case. Some people like what I am doing, and some people are just envious! If you have the talent just do it! I don’t really think about other people. If I continue to support my kids and learn to keep an open mind, what harm can that do?

You are now a full-time content creator, what has the journey been like for you and what has been the biggest struggle?

You know, it has been surprising. At my age I love surprises I don’t like life to be dull. I have tried many things in my time. It’s nice it is keeping me busy, and this is what I like in my life. I love challenges. The biggest challenge must be that I am 62 years old and trying to prove to people that I can do this and so can you. Another challenge is trying to keep up with this generation, what the new trends are and how people speak and text – it is very confusing, but I will learn!

The transition to the world’s most hilarious mother was not the only transition that Mama Wafaa made, but her perception of social media also changed as she delved into the content creation world and figured it out herself.

I really didn’t ever think that social media can be a learning tool. I can learn how to cook a recipe, and how to repair things all through one app! (TikTok) Everything is at the palm of your hand.

Photo: Mama Wafaa Cook Book ( )

Due to her career in social media, many doors have opened for our favourite mum, as she recently just published her first cookbook! Filled with infamous Egyptian recipes that were significant in her childhood; to which she exclusively told us that a second book might be on the cards!

As exciting becoming a content creator can be, Mama Wafaa reminds us that she is a mother first and foremost. Before anything I am a mother. I can be anything in this world but the big title that defines me is being a mother, that is such a precious title to have. My relationship with my daughter is the most important thing as a mother first.

At 62 years old, Mama Wafaa hopes to continue to encourage mothers around the world to listen to their children who to want to pursue content creation and to always support them. She hopes her once inquisitive mind can inspire other mothers to second guess the world of social media, and ultimately break the generational gap between parents and their children.

Maybe even dip their own toes into the world of social media and unleash the inner star they didn’t think they had. In the words of Mama Wafaa: If you have the talent, why not?

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