Mahsa Amini: What’s happening in Iran?

By Bibiana Pitonakova

Past days most of the world received disturbing news from the Middle East. An unexpected death of the young woman Mahsa Amini from Saqqez in Kurdistan province in western Iran, who passed away in Teheran, during the visitation of her family in Iran. 

Mahsa died after being caught and beaten in the head by Iranian Morality Police because she didn’t wear her hijab “correctly”. Amini died on Friday, 16 September, after 3 days in a coma. Hospital shared, now–deleted post, where claim that she died because of brain damage. Police claims that sudden heart problem caused her death, while her family objects, saying she was perfectly healthy. 

After the death of the 22-year-old leads into huge protests all over the country, which had resulted into 6 causalities. Women are strongly protesting and asking for the justice for Mahsa. 

Hashtag #mahsaamini has in that moment around 110 thousand mentions on Instagram. Women and men all over the world are cutting their hair on video as a sign of solidarity.

The White House said: “Mahsa Amini’s death after injuries sustained while in police custody for wearing an ‘improper’ hijab is an appalling and egregious front to human rights.”, reports Harper’s Bazaar.

Many celebrities, considering writer Padma Lakshmi, influencer Camila Coelho, models Chiara Ferragni or Gigi Hadid, showed their interest about this topic and their solidarity with the death of Mahsa, her family, and with other protesting women. Model Bella Hadid shared a post saying “#mahsaamini Just wow… 💔Rest in peace #mahsaamini You did not deserve this. Sending blessings to her family and loved ones.”                                             

Mahsa’s family says her name is becoming the name of the resistance.

We know that some countries have specific requirements while visiting their country, mostly concern women’s clothing. By law, since 1979, women in Iran must wear hijab in public. In 2021 were rules radically tightened under the watch of the new regime.

These days citizens are complaining about the use of internet in the country which was shut down to stop spreading the news widespread.

Now a little message for all the women who are still fighting for their rights and for the freedom to make their own choices, we as a Girls Grow Club, which is a group of women from all over the world, of different religions or skin colours, would like to show our support. We know about this problem; we are sharing it with our readers, and you won’t stay in this battle for the freedom alone. Because freedom is the key to everything.

                                    Sending our love and our prayers to all of you.                                                    




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