By Reiham Amin


26 year old Reema Bakri, founded CurlHood in 2020 and has continued to help others when it comes to making them realise that they are TOO a Boss Babe.

CurlHood is your brand to help those to embrace their curls. Why curly hair?

When I was younger, I was always jealous of my sister because she was born with fine straight hair whereas I was born with huge curly hair. Growing up, not just in the culture I grew up in, but everywhere around the world; society has such a contrasting attitude when it comes to discussing curly hair and straight hair. Straight hair is sophisticated and beautiful while curly hair is deemed to be messy, crazy and un-neat. I mean think about it. Being born with curly hair means you will at some point in your life have that inevitable conversation with yourself in your head about whether or not you will straighten your hair for that special occasion, because you want to look classy. Come on! Who says you can’t be classy with them locks girl!

Is there any influence from your childhood that became a catalyst for creating CurlHood?

When I was in 1st grade, the people who I thought were my friends used to always tease me about my hair because it was different from everybody else’s. I grew up in Jordan where most girls have quite fine hair or flat hair. My hair was definitely not flat or straight or fine. I have big, fluffy, curly hair. The kids in school used to hit me and drag my hair down-crying became a normal thing for me. Because of this, I didn’t attend school for months. I ended up hating my curls so much! I would definitely say that this influenced the start of CurlHood. I didn’t want others to hate their curls like I did, because they’re beautiful.

“They treated me like I was different. But maybe being different isn’t so bad?”

“Curls Support Curls” is a slogan that you often go by. Why is it so important for you to have that support within the community?

A beautiful thing that I noticed here in Jordan is the sense of community. There is a sense of unity within the people. We’re all neighbours even if we’re not physically. This sense of oneness is why I wanted to create CurlHood. I wanted to create this community of embracing our curls and supporting others to love theirs too! But yes, it is also a brand! We sell products inspired by self-love for the Hood! I just want to create a safe place that I never had.

You mention that you sell products for ‘the Hood’. What is the Hood?

You guys. The hood are the people who want to be part of this community. It’s the people who are going through that journey of learning how to embrace their curls and how beautiful they look in them! It is genuinely the Hood who continue to inspire me every day when it comes to CurlHood. I think I love you guys just a bit too much because you’ve turned me into a workaholic!

The CurlHood Instagram seems to be embracing a lot more than just curls. You discuss body confidence, natural beauty and all sorts! Is CurlHood expanding?

When CurlHood initially started, I was mainly focusing on people with Curly hair. However in 2020 I did a pop up in Amman where I got the opportunity to sell my products, speak to Hood members and really push CurlHood. From this pop up, CurlHood boomed in Jordan. People with straight hair, coyly hair and hair of all types were coming up to me and telling me about how much they loved my idea! So, I thought that it would be unfair to create this community for those with only curly hair – why not expand this community to everyone?

What does the future of CurlHood look like for you?

I would LOVE to start a podcast and create an established website where there will be blogs for everyone to read and you can shop all things CurlHood! This would be a dream! To have a worldwide community, imagine that?

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