How to find your Fashion Style


I know that finding your fashion style can be a really hard task. In fact, you need to know yourself and listen to what you like when dressing up. Understand what your goal is when dressing up and what kind of clothing you prefer. For instance, you might choose to wear specific items you like, dress within a fashion style, or for the motive to feel powerful, glamourous, or even just comfortable. Finding your purpose and preference can be challenging, but I got your back on this girl, so let’s dive in! 

Latest Fashion Trends of 2022

First of all, you need to understand that your fashion style is a personal choice. You may enjoy wearing clothes from different fashion styles, you may wish to play with colours and try new combinations, or you may want to stick to a certain type of style and just customise with different accessories that make your outfit stand out each time.. What I am trying to say here, is that fashion is a vast world where there is space for everyone, so go for it sis, and express yourself completely through your fashion style. 

I can not emphasise this point enough: Get out of your comfort zone! It is time for you to feel comfortable and like yourself when choosing what to wear. You got this girl! So do not feel afraid to take that step, and be the master of your own fashion style. You need to be aware about what you love and appreciate in terms of clothing. If you are still unsure, expose yourself to different clothing and fashion brands by searching different websites, trends on social media, and follow fashion content creators.! (if you need some great accounts, just read the article about The Best Fashion Advices on TikTok, you will find what you are looking for !) 

Being informed is the most important step to leading you to be opinionated about the kind of fashion style and that resonates best with you. You can also take a fun twist by taking online fashion quizzes.. You can find many of them on the Internet, so give it a try. Obviously, the point here is to have fun, but you can actually benefit from them by analysing the questions and your answers. It can make you realise things you’ve never thought about! 

Even if you should not impose yourself on so many useless rules, there are some tips and specific rules that can be very helpful in order to find your own fashion style. The only useless rules are the ones that want to make you like everyone else out there, and spread fear of being judged by others. These are big red flags that can stop you from revealing your true style. You certainly do not want to blend in with the majority just to feel secure and in accordance with baseless standards.

Unique Outfits Styling

So to help you sort out the base of what your fashion style should involve, here are 6 steps you need to fulfil : 

  • Know your body type and your morphology. This way, you will learn about the characteristics of your own body and what type of clothes can fit you the best 
  • Do not wear too many layers of clothes because they can make you feel trapped in your outfit-prioritise outfits that make you feel comfortable. The worst thing when it comes to fashion is not feeling great and at ease in your outfit!
  • Use accessories! Do not hesitate to enhance your beauty by adding bracelets, rings, anklets, hair clips or earrings! Make them match with your outfit.Details are really important ! 
  • Have a unique piece you often wear like an original handbag that can stand out from your outfit. Do this so you can actually feel you have full control of your outfit and feel like you have your own style! 
  • Be aware of the new trends, and think about how you can personalise them so you can add this modern touch to your outfit to make it more unique- yours and trendy! 
  • Adapt your outfit to the occasion! You need to be careful of the impact you want to have with your fashion style through your outfit! For every important situation or daily life event there is a way to dress up and you need to be in accordance with each situation and know what piece of clothes you have to wear. 

Girl, you now have the keys to unlock the mystery around your fashion style. Keep in mind these basic rules that can guide you and give you a secure frame for you to find your style. Fashion is personal; and, hence you need it to make it unique by adding your own touch to it! Dare to listen to yourself and do not be afraid of making mistakes, at least you are trying and at most you are learning ! So go for it, see these mistakes as experiments and enjoy the process. 

Remember that you are achieving the biggest step regarding your own fashion style! So do not stop, do not think too much, make it your own as well as unique and just go for it girl! 

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