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How to look like a Boss Woman and feel your most powerful self 

Hello Girl, hope you are doing amazing ! Welcome to the Fashion section !  Stop everything you’re doing and let’s dive in ! This section is all here to serve you some great advice to add to your Girl Grow Code. Yes, you read it right, start your Girl Grow Code today and learn with me in every article. 

And today, I have something great for you. I am here to talk to you about Fashion & Power dressing. Did you know that there is an actual way to dress with a powerful style used by great women achievers in the world in history and still nowadays? The women you look up to are also using this style. Power Dressing is all about how you can show your confidence and strength through your style ! It is the way you need to dress if you want to look like a Boss Woman and embody that feeling. I bet you don’t know much about this style. No problem girl, I am here for you. 

So let me explain to you how you can unleash the power girl that lies in you when it comes to fashion. Stop everything, grab your coffee and get inspired like never before.  

The best power looks of Priyanka Chopra Jonas 

First of all, let me tell you about the concept of Power dressing so you can understand the origin of it and what it is about. Power dressing is a concept that appeared in the early seventies and basically, it is a term used by women to define what their business style should look like. Power dressing was at first a style designed for the professional world and for women,in order to not be considered less than a man in their workplace. They wanted to feel confident and secure in front of men because at that time and in many business fields women were a minority (thankfully that is changing !). They also wanted to show to their bosses that they were capable of endorsing important projects and missions. Indeed, the professional suit is a really important impression you give to your coworkers and bosses and you need to make the best impression you can ! 

At that time and still now Power dressing was associated with the leopard. This animal was the epitome of power and many cultures like the Egyptian and African cultures that associate power and strength to the leopard. And it was also used by great fashion designers like Christian Dior in many of his collections and shows. The type of clothes was serious and professional like a tailor but a femenine touch was added with prints or colourful pieces of clothes. 

Moreover, the woman who really embodied the concept of Power dressing was Margaret Thatcher. She is also known as “the original female power-dresser” and you know that it can only be true coming from the Iron Lady herself ! She also had a huge impact in making the tailor a femenine piece of cloth with an emphasis on power and strength. 

Colours played an important part in the definition of Power dressing. The black colour was indeed worn by women but a focus on neutral colours began to happen. For instance, shades like beige, grey or rose were part of the Powerdressing concept. Women also have taken over colours associated with men like blue and brown as well as bold and daring colours like burgundy red or english green. These styles are more used in the Western countries and it has inspired generations and generations till today. 

It is also important to highlight the importance of how clothes are able to make you feel great. Clothes have a capacity to transmit some feelings and embody sensations and vibes you can feel. Today we could use the Boss Babe vibe that is associated with Power dressing. Today women dare to wear men’s clothes by customising them with accessories to add the femenin touch to it. Power dressing can have various facets and ways of working depending on each woman. In fact, women can add a touch to every outfit they are wearing which will help them bring that power they are looking for and you can too my girl ! 

Like a Boss: The 5 Rules to Know About Power Dressing for Work

I know that a great day starts with great hair and of course great style ! Fashion has the incredible capacity to boost your self esteem and confidence. Power dressing is also there for that and do not be mistaken, you don’t need big things, luxury brands and expensive clothes to make you feel fierce. You’ve got the power gurl and your power lies in what you like and what suits you and your personality. 

As I have got your back, here are 10 steps and 1 motivational advice to begin you Power dressing Fashion journey : 

  • Listen to yourself and figure out what makes you feel confident in terms of clothing : try different types of clothes and figure out how you feel 
  • Buy clothes in your favourite colour(s) so when you wear them, it will feel nice 
  • Dare to wear prints and customise them the way you want, but start small, a full printed jumpsuit may not be the appropriate way to show up at a business meeting 
  • Stick to classics : your earrings can match with your watch and prioritise simple and elegant cuts
  • Do not forget to wear accessories that are matched with your outfit : for instance you can wear the same colour of shoes and bag 
  • Do not show too much of your body and skin : the goal here is to be able to stay professional and comfortable, you need an outfit which makes it easy for you to move. You don’t want to waste time thinking of how many parts of your body are visible and how you should be seated.
  • Pay attention to details : the way your clothes are ironed is important, it shows how meticulous and serious you are, especially for a business meeting 
  • A must you must not forget to have in your wardrobe : the black formal blazer, it can add that power and elegant touch to your outfit immediately
  • Do not wear to much of layers, stay simple with structured clothes like formal dresses or formal trousers for women 
  • Get inspired : Pinterest is a great source of inspiration if you want to see and observe power dressing looks 
  • Most importantly, feel like you own it ! Believe in yourself, give yourself that power before you apply it for your fashion style. Attitude is key ! 

One of the most important things to understand in Power dressing is that the power lies in you first. Your power is your personality ! I can not say this sentence enough but really : do not act as someone else, embrace yourself and listen to what you truly like and want. I am here for you and to give you useful advice that will make you shine as you should but you are the one who knows himself best. You already have that power in you, do not waste your potential. Even if you make fashion faux pas and mistakes, no worries, start again and don’t be rude to yourself.  

Get inspired, informed and educated but follow your intuition and personality as well, do not forget sis, you are a woman of power, now, it is about time to be confident and add this touch of power to your fashion style ! 

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