Queen Elizabeth II: ICONIC Moments We Can’t Forget

By Hanan Ouali Queen Elizabeth II is remembered as one of the most disciplined and respected women in the world. On the 6th February 1952, 25-year-old Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor became Queen Elizabeth II; head of state of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of 14 Commonwealth countries. She was a record-breaking queen; no other […]

The *ULTIMATE* travel packing list for those business trips!

By Hanan Ouali WELCOME , glad you are following my very useful article about the ultimate packing list for us bossbabes on our business trips! Who of us doesn’t know the feeling of standing at the airport or train station and not being able to get rid of the thought that “something” is missing from […]

Female Entrepreneurial truths we ALL need to hear!

Did you know that women today have more options than ever before? From stay-at-home parent to SHEEO of big companies to small-business owner and everything in between. And yes, you were born to make history, Giiiirl – sooo let’s write a damn bestseller!


Have you ever wondered how to be THAT GIRL?
That successful babe!
The one everyone looks at and thinks – Wow, how DID she do THAT!
Well, cmo’n and find out.