7 Ways To Spend The New Years!

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By Tiffany Roxx

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, you’re probably beginning to think about plans for the night. How are you going to spend it? How do you want to enter the new year? With so much emphasis placed on New Year’s Eve celebrations, it can be overwhelming, and it can create unsettling pressure to be “doing something”. Girl, don’t buy into it, decide what it is YOU want to do. You have the power to make New Year’s Eve what you want it to be. Make sure you enter that new year right! 

From having a lavish night out to spending quality time with friends or family (virtually or in real life), to having a relaxed night at home; there’s a variety of ways to spend your New Year’s Eve. Check out this list for 7 festive ways to enter the New Year.

Are you in the mood to step out this New Year’s Eve? Here are some day and night time activities that will leave you in a festive mood.

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  • New Year’s Eve Dinner or Party: 

Gather friends and family, dress up, and head out for a night of delicious bites, dancing, and jubilation at a New Year’s Eve dinner or party.

Tip: Keep in mind that heading out for a New Year’s Eve dinner or party can come with a hefty price tag. Restaurants can get crowded, and the experience can sometimes be chaotic. Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into and plan logistics and transportation ahead of time.

  • Catch fireworks with friends and family

Is it really New Year’s Eve if fireworks aren’t going off somewhere? Tune into live New Year’s Eve broadcasts of countdowns and celebrations from around the world and it’ll show fireworks from across the Sydney harbor, over the London Eye, from the Burj Khalifa, and much more. Does your city or town put on a firework display to celebrate the new year’s? If so, enter your New Years with some colorful, striking, and festive fireworks. 

Tip: Firework displays can be weather dependent and often happen in outdoor spaces, which can also get crowded, and sometimes become chaotic. Remember to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the climate, and plan logistics and transportation ahead of time.

  • Spend the day Exploring

Want to do something that gets you out of the house in the daytime or that is family friendly? Why not spend the day exploring?

Being outside in nature or doing a fun activity with friends, family, or solo is a great way to spend New Year’s Eve Day. It’s a chance to invigorate the mind and body and close out the last day of the year strong.

Whatever your goal is for the day, maybe you want to be energized, to calm down, or spend time with family? Use the day to do an activity that will help you accomplish your goals. Some options are hiking, taking an urban walk, being by the beach or water, playing a sport, reading, doing arts, attending an event, or simply resting.

Would you rather avoid the chaos that accompanies a night out on New Year’s Eve and would prefer having a festive night indoors instead? Then check out these 4 ways to help you celebrate.

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  • Host a gathering at your house: Dinner, game night, movie marathon, or a themed party

Want the party to come to you? Gather friends and family for a New Year’s Eve soirée at your place. Throw a fancy dinner, spark some healthy competition with a game’s night, or enter the new year with a movie marathon. Looking to up the energy a bit more? Host a themed party. There are numerous theme ideas to choose from, including black tie, decades, masquerade, pyjama, and so much more.

  • Reflect and set goals for the New Year

Take this time on New Year’s Eve to meditate and reflect on this ending year and to begin planning for the new year. Reflect on what you did well in 2022, the challenges you faced, and what you could do better. Identify your accomplishments, the goals you achieved, or maybe where you fell short and why. As you look forward to the new year identify the values that will guide you, goals that you want to achieve, and draft a plan to help get you there. There are many ways to bring this reflecting and goal setting activity to life, such as creating a vision board, journaling, or updating your favorite project planner.

  • Watch New Year’s Eve Countdowns from Around the World

Want to travel the world and partake in various New Year’s Eve celebrations from different cultures – all from the comfort of your own home? Tune into watching broadcasts of New Year’s Eve countdowns from around the world. Check out firework displays and celebrations from Taiwan, Athens, and Rio De Janeiros to the Ball drop-in Times Square New York. Make it a very festive occasion by dressing up, decorating your space, getting food and drinks, and gathering friends and family for a virtual watch party.  

  •  Connect through Virtual Fun

From taking meditation or yoga to cooking or mixology class, spend your New Year’s Eve learning something new. Make it a group activity by booking a virtual class solely for you and your family and friends or enjoy a solo activity by joining an already established class. Either way, leverage this time to connect with people and learn something new before the clock strikes 12!

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